Twelve Legends
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   Now You're Watching: " Twelve Legends | บันทึกรักสิบสองปีศาจ | 十二谭 " A creature born from a stone falls in love with a mythical woman and their romance spans two thousand years. Jin Xing Jian, who was once a stone has turned into an extraordinary existence that makes him both similar to a deity and a demon. He runs a gallery that has attracted demons from all walks of life and he bears witness to the things they would do for love. Twelve Legends | บันทึกรักสิบสองปีศาจ | 十二谭

    When it comes to his own love life, he has a complicated relationship with Ye Ming, a woman shrouded in mystery and formed from the night pearl. This is a story about the world of humans and demons that is at times funny, at times moving, at times passionate and at times sweet. Twelve Legends | บันทึกรักสิบสองปีศาจ | 十二谭