Better a Lie Than a Truth
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   Now You're Watching: " Better a Lie Than a Truth | 谎言使用法则 " New entrepreneur Qiao Mu Sheng reunites with Su Nian, a high school classmate whom he has not seen for several years. Su Nian, who is already a magazine editor, does not hesitate to chase and block Qiao Mu Sheng for an interview. Qiao Mu Sheng reluctantly reveals that his true identity is not Qiao Mu Sheng. Su Nian started her roommate life, and soon Su Nian fell into the Su Nian is a journalist at a magazine.

   She is chasing a promotion, but to attain her goals, she must interview the CEO of a large business group. She is happy to take on the assignment – until she realizes that the person she must interview is none other than her former classmate Qiao Mu Sheng, who has become the head of a company that creates immersive escape rooms.

   Qiao Mu Sheng had held secret feelings for Su Nian and had wanted to tell her how he felt by writing her a love letter. But his attempt to do so was thwarted by a quirk of fate. Now, he has become the emotionless head of a powerful company. Coincidentally, Su Nian and Qiao Mu Sheng both have terrible reactions to alcohol, which they carefully avoid. But when a malevolent rival tricks her into drinking, and Qiao Mu Sheng also accidentally drinks, they somehow end up waking up in the same bed the next morning!

   However, the man in the bed reveals that he is not actually Qiao Mu Sheng but his identical twin brother Lu Jing Nian. Su Nian blackmails this “twin” into posing as her fiancé so she can appease her family – and the duo ends up having to “marry” and live together. But is Lu Jing Nian really who he says he is? Can Cupid untangle this web of lies?