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   Now You're Watching: " Genie In A Cup - 哇到宝 " Ma Dabao, a seemingly wise and kind e-commerce tycoon, plagiarized his son, Deming’s concept of a Smart Juice Cup (AI Cup) at a press conference in order to defeat him. When he finds out his brother Ma Xiaobao colluded with Guo Jiacheng, a logistics company owner to sell fake products for personal profit, he insists on punishing Xiaobao according to the law relentlessly, but never did he expect this to land himself as an unjustly ghost living in the AI Cup.

    She Xiaoqian, is a loyal user of the online shopping platform, Wa Dao Bao, and more so, a number 1 fan of Dabao! Her dream is to work alongside with Ma Dabao, and become a charming workplace figure like her idol! However, when Xiaoqian accidentally bought the AI Cup with the trapped ghost of Dabao online, she assumes he is just a cheeky wild ghost pretending to be Ma Dabao! After all, Xiaobao has deliberately concealed Dabao’s death, so he has no choice but to pretend to be an elf and an ill-fated ghost to coax Xiaoqian to help him trace the cause of his death, because all he could remember is being attacked and died inexplicably. Guo Renjie, heir of a logistics company has a crush on Xiaoqian, and is always at her disposal. Both Renjie and Deming do not get work recognition from their fathers and therefore could relate well to each other.

   The two decided to collaborate to contend with “Wa Dao Bao”! Deming cares about Xiaoqian, who is unaware that she is actually the push factor for Deming to set up the GoReach shopping platform! She always inspires him with a solution whenever he encounters a problem. Xiaoqian finally believes that Ghost Dabao is the real Ma Dabao! She decides to proactively help Dabao investigate the cause of his death, which leads her into a series of crisis situations. The AI Cup was later damaged and Xiaoqian could no longer able to see Dabao. It turns out that other than Xiaobao, Jiacheng and Deming were also involved in Dabao's death! When Xiaoqian can finally see Dabao again, he changed his stand and now wants her to stop investigating the cause of his death. Renjie found out who the real murderer is but he went missing before he could tell Xiaoqian. Deming is being suspected of hiding Renjie. Unfortunately when everyone brings the AI Cup to rescue Renjie, an accident happened. Deming, in his attempt to save his friends and the AI Cup, ends up severely injured and unconscious. Xiaoqian feels helpless in this situation of possibly losing both Deming and Dabao.