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   Now You're Watching: "The Love You Give Me" Five years ago, a young woman named Min Hui accidentally fell for a young man named Xin Qi. But things between them were complicated because Min Hui was pretending to be Xin Qi’s long lost childhood friend in a misguided way to help the friend who had died suddenly. Furthermore, Xin Qi suffered from a dangerous and potentially life-threatening heart condition, and Min Hui now desperately in love, didn't want to see him suffer. It didn't help matters that each time she tried to tell him the truth, he would cut her off, not believe her, or his heart condition would relapse. When he finally learned the entire truth, he cut all ties with her. Now, five years later, they are reunited at a business event in the most uncomfortable of situations. Min Hui has risen to become an R&D assistant to one of the directors at a tech firm and Xin Qi has also made a name for himself as the CEO of an investment firm. Deciding that “fate” has brought them back into contact for a reason, Xin Qi decides to take all of his previous anger and betrayal out on Min Hui. But "fate" also reveals that Min Hui has a son, who is suffering from the same exact heart condition as Xin Qi making him realize through a series of events that he's the father--much to the adorable boy's delight! After some heart to heart conversations, explanations, and even a quirky living arrangement, can these two forgive each other and themselves for the mistakes they both made in the past and rekindle their love, now as a fully evolved family? (Source: Viki; edited by MyDramaList)