Be Together
A Journey to Love (ENG Sub)
complete/complete badge/Chinese episode/END.35 quality/HD

About Film

The story revolves around four women who are nearing their thirties as they support one another and witness each other's growth and change. Xia Yan, Han Shuang, Zhao Xiao Lei and Xiang Nan have been close friends since university. After graduation, the four of them live and work in the same city. Xia Yan aspires to create a quality application that can change how people live. After graduation, she entered the IT industry and, with her hard work, became one of the project representatives of SG Organization. She also gains true love after a series of tumultuous relationships. To fulfill her dreams of becoming a designer, Han Shuang, who comes from a wealthy family, decides to jump out of her comfort zone. She starts from the bottom and becomes a part-timer at a design furniture shop. She and doctor Ma Ke become a couple after various struggles. Zhao Xiao Lei comes from a traditional family. One day before her wedding ceremony, her boyfriend broke up with her. With encouragement from her family, she finally walks out of the shadow of her relationship and regains her confidence. Xiang Nan is a doctor, who seems calm and logical, but actually has a closed-up inner heart. One day, she met with an accident, which helped her regain her faith in life. (Source: DramaWiki)