The Deliberations of Love
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A Journey to Love (ENG Sub)

About Film

Fortunately, God has given me a chance to start over. The first "rebirth," oh, the poisonous wine is already on my lips, couldn't it be earlier!? The second "rebirth," I stopped this old man, but I couldn't stop his pig teammates. The team was implicated, and I died again... The third "rebirth," I returned to the eve of the wedding, and I was not married yet. I don’t want to play anymore! (Source: TencentVideo) By any chance if you stumbled upon this drama, DONT SKIP. Its actually VERY GOOD for a short drama. It takes like 2hr or so to finish this and i would totally love to rewatch this anytime soon. The rewatch value is 8/10 for me. The story is repetitive and not that unheard of so. i would give it a 7. As for the acting/casting, im not the one to judge but for me its a 10. and the music too, i really liked it. Its so sweet and calming to my ears.. moving further, I want the ML to be recognized more man, He has so much potential to be bigger and do greater projects. Imo, He fits the baddie roles sooo gooood. Even though, hes not potrayed as Thaaaaat baddie here in this drama..He gives off such baddie vibes maan,,I would love to see him as a badass character in upcoming future. and coming to fl now.. The fl did a good job with her role. She should get more opportunities to roam in different genres and characters in future. Also not neglecting the side characters and other guest roles, they also performed their roles to their fullest aswell. Sooo, in short, The drama is very nice. The characters execute their roles perfectly and the storyline and eps are very simple to follow. Its good to watch when you are free and have nothing else to do. Basically, VERY MUCH RECOMMENDED FOR YALL to watch when you feel like you have nothing to watch. If not for anything, just watch for ML bro lmao.